Send funds to any user

Refill the balance of a Kuna user without registration and without an SMS.

Who do you want to transfer funds to?

Where can I get a kunaid?

What's this?

Refill the balance of Kuna users without needing to register on the page

Divide the dinner bill, collect birthday money or simply just send a small gift. We send money instantly and without hidden fees.

What are the advantages?

You don't need an account on

You don't even need a Kuna account to get started. Just find out the name of the person that you want to send money to.

Accept payments from anyone

The person does not need to register to send you money. An ideal option for quick debt recovery or asset exchange.

Set up invoices

You can specify a particular amount and send a unique payment link to the person. By clicking on it, the user will be able to pay for your goods by card, or in any other convenient way.

Collect donations/gifts

Insert a link to your blog or website. Users will be able to replenish your Kuna account quickly and without registration.


How can I top up a user's balance?

To top up, you need to know the kunaid user. Enter kunaid on the main page of the service and then choose how you want to top up the user's balance.

Is it safe to use mykuna?

Of course! The service uses all the security protocols of the Kuna platform. Every time you top up, we generate a new wallet address. We also don't give away your personal data, so, there is no risk at all in using kunaid.

Are there limits on the amount transferred?

There are no limits for cryptocurrency, there is only a minimum replenishment amount. For fiat assets there are limits per transaction. The number of transactions is not limited.

What assets can I top up?

You can top up a user's balance with any cryptocurrency that is available on the Kuna exchange (BTC, ETH, USDT and others). It is also possible to replenish fiat assets with UAH, RUB, USD.

What is the commission for replenishment of someone else's account?

The commission is the same as for replenishment of your own account. Current commissions can be found here at

Where can I get kunaid?

You need to register on the Kuna platform. If you already have an account, then just login to the exchange. You can see Kunaid in the upper right corner by hovering the cursor over your mail.

Any questions?

We will answer within 30 seconds! We communicate using messengers that are convenient for you. No answering machines or robots. Communication only with real people 😊