Send money to any user!

Send funds instantly without registration and hidden fees

Enter user's kunaid to top up the balance


What is My Kuna?

The service allows you to instantly top up a user's Kuna balance without registration and any hidden fees.

Top up your Kuna users balance without registration

Split dinner bills with friends

Collect money for donations

Why choose My Kuna?

No registration required

You don't need a Kuna account to use the service. Simply enter the user's kunaid, and the funds will be instantly credited to the account.

Set up invoices

Create a unique link to receive a specified amount on your Kuna account.

Accept payments from anyone

The sender doesn't need an account to transfer funds, making it the best option for quick debt recovery or asset exchange.

Collect donations and gifts

Post the link on your website or blog to allow others to top up your Kuna account without registration.


How can I deposit a user's balance?

Is My Kuna secure?

What are the transfer amount limits?

What assets can I deposit?

What is the fee for topping up another person's account?

Where can I get my kunaid?

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